Why Choose Us?

Pesticide & Metal Free

Hemp is a wonderful plant with boundless capabilities, one of which being its ability to recondition contaminated soils through phytoremediation, as it absorbs heavy metals and replenishes soil that wouldn’t otherwise be suitable for agriculture. This is great for soil, but not so for human consumption! At Swift Leaf Organics, we source our hemp from USDA Certified Organic farms, and even go the extra mile to provide a full panel screening with every batch, so you can be 100% certain our products are free from any and all contaminants. After all, we're here for your health!

People & Planet Focused

At Swift Leaf Organics, we value the health of our planet, and all that call it home.  We envision a world free of toxic chemicals, factory farming, habitat destruction, pollution, greenwashing, and GMOs. Our hemp, grown in Boulder, CO, comes from Regenerative Organic Certified farms that meet the highest standards in the world for soil health, animal welfare, and farmworker fairness. Swift Leaf Organics is here for the conscious consumer.

Proper Dosage & Potency

Stringently lab tested to ensure not only quality, but potency, our hemp products come in strengths that are sure to be suitable for everyone, regardless of their needs.